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 are electrical effluent kettles which working principle is based on the direct conversion of  electrical  energy into the heat energy. They are used for heating of the houses, apartments, and other  buildings  for other purposes. First kettles which worked on this principle were used on ships and  submarines of  the Russian Navy (RVF).
 During last nine years, SZR "KATANA" from Kragujevac developed, impruved, and patented 19 types of  the kettles, which can be conected to the elecrtical system on 63 diferent ways, and with quality much  exceed russian and other devices which works on this principle.
 These kettles can be connected on mono - phase voltage from 220V, three - phase voltage 3x380V, as  well as on mono - phase and three - phase simultaneously. This kettle can work with different voltage in  range of 90V up to 600V, without any physical changes, therewith that on the base of the voltage the  conductivity of the water should be adjust, or current intensity in the kettle should be adjusted by  appropriate automatics.
 SZR "KATANA" is unique producer of the kettles in the world, which solved problem of the connection of  the kettle onto electrical systems with electrical differential protection.

 - dimensions are several times smaller than dimensions of the classic kettle with same power;
 - because its simplicity and because of the fact that water heating performs directly by the electrical  current flow through the water, practically there are no possibilities of damage, heater burning out;
 - heating with this kettle is two or three times cheaper than other electrical energy heating ways;
 - in the event of the getting lost the fluid in the heating system, kettle stops with working, which  prevents damages, thermal damages and fire;
 - devices made by SZR "KATANA" have five times bigger power and from 43% up to 75% less  consumption of electrical energy, for the same heating effects and in the same working conditions, than  similar devices;


  - The room temperature is automatically regulated by a thermostat, which turns the  boiler off as soon  as the temperature has reached a predetermined degree.
 Due to the manner in which this boiler transmits electrical energy to the water molecules, it is by far the  most economical, and will never be surpassed when it comes to making the most out of electrical  energy. It is perfectly economical, and will soon render all other heating systems obsolete.

  - EPK-OGANJ, with its very modest dimensions (which occupy a negligible part of the living  space) and  extremely low energy consumption will not only replace the awkwardly large and expensive  boilers, but  also provide the owner with additional possibilities of water circulation power, sufficient for  reaching the  second-floor height, and remain fully functionable without ever requiring a separate  circulatory pump.

  - Unlike the boilers which spend liquid and solid fuels, EPK-OGANJ does not create any  sort of toxic  fumes, char, ashes nor any other matter hazardous to the health of the owners and the  surroundings.  It is also completely silent at work.

  - This boiler stands out with its heightened security, and the degree of protection extends so far  that  the boiler would, upon depletion of water, automatically cease to work even without the  thermostate,  auto-fuse or the auto-clutch.

  - EPK-OGANJ is devised and constructed in such a manner (and using such materials)  that there is no  possibility of malfunction. Its heater, unlike the others in the industry, is physically  capable of enduring  far greater amounts of electrical energy than that which it requires for work, so  there is no danger of  burning-out.
 In all the important characteristics of a heating system, such as economy, functionality, safety,  handling simplicity and maintenance, the EPK-OGANJ is unmatched in the entire world. And that is not all  this boiler has to offer when it comes to savings and advantages.
 If we compare it to central and gas heating (the most popular systems so far), not only does it best  them in the aforementioned characteristics, but its installation cost is also three times smaller, because  it requires no expensive manifolds or central heating substations and expensive gas heating boilers. For  just the price of, for example, this unnecessary component, one can purchase a complete installation of  EPK-OGANJ

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